A.C.E. Earn-a-Bike Program

Since 2009, we've Helped over 900 adults Get rolling!


The Tulsa Hub ACE program is for people who…

  • have no current means of transportation
  • could use a bike to get to work
  • could use a bike to get to school
  • could use a bike to get to a social service location such as Iron Gate or the DHS office

    All ACE bicycles are loaners and remain the property of Tulsa Hub. The total value of this program is $550 per person. Please make a financial contribution based on your ability to pay. We ask for a $35 minimum contribution to cover equipment costs, and ensure we can continue to provide these programs for future riders.

You begin by filling out the application below. If you cannot fill out the application on your current device, you may drop in during Workshop hours and use a device onsite. Workshop hours are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 9am to 2pm.
Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 9pm.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you by phone or email within 10 business days.

The ACE program fee is $35. Depending on your income situation, some, or all, of this fee may be waived in exchange for work-trade in our Workshop or Office. Please inquire about this option if needed.

Here's how the program works:

  • First, you pay the $35 fee (or complete work trade hours).
  • Second, you’ll take the Bicycle Commuter 101 Class, including basic bike maintenance and safety education. This class is on-bikes, meaning you will be riding outdoors, for approximately 5 hours. Classes are typically held Friday mornings 8:45am-2pm. Classes may run as long as 7 hours (8:45am-3:45pm) depending on class size and rider availability.
  • Third, you receive a bicycle, lock, and helmet, and other safety gear, based on availability.

Important information to note:

  • All requirements must be met before you get to depart with your bike, lock, and helmet.
  • All ACE bicycles are loaners and remain property of Tulsa Hub. 
  • All bicycles must be maintained properly. If an ACE Member finds they are no longer using their bicycle, they understand that it must be returned to the Tulsa Hub.
  • All ACE applicants agree to periodic follow-up once completing the ACE Program.
  • All Bicycle Commuter 101 Classes must have a minimum of 3 participants to make. If your class does not make, you will be rescheduled for the immediately following class, typically the following week.
Applicant Name
Applicant Name
Date of Birth
Date of Birth
(Phone, email)
Current Address
Current Address
Do you currently have access to a bicycle or car?
Are you currently employed or seeking employment?
Do you receive any Social Services? (ex. DHS, Denver House, John 3:16., Salvation Army, Day Center etc.)
*This is important to fit you with the right bike, if you qualify for our program.
Do you have a criminal record? Your response will not automatically disqualify you from the program. *

ACE partners include many United Way agencies, Mental Health Association in Tulsa, Indian Nations Council of Governments, Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority, and several area bike shops.

*Speed up the application process by calling us (918-813-0028) or stopping by (601 W 3rd St) once you've finished this application!