Adult Cycling Empowerment: ACE Earn-a-Bike Program

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Since 2009, we've helped over 1,450 adults get rolling!


The Tulsa Hub ACE program is for people who…

  1. Have no current means of transportation;

  2. Could use a bike to get to work;

  3. Could use a bike to get to school, and/or;

  4. Could use a bike to get to a social service location such as Iron Gate or the DHS office

Note: ACE participants must be 18 years of age or older. 

You begin by filling out the application below. If you cannot fill out the application on your current device, you may drop in during Workshop hours and use a device onsite. Workshop SUMMER hours are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9am to 2pm.
Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 7pm.

The total value of this program is $550 per person. You must make a financial contribution based on your ability to pay. We ask for a $35 minimum payment to cover equipment costs, and ensure we can continue to provide these programs for future riders. Depending on your income situation, some, or all, of this fee may be waived in exchange for work-trade in our workshop or office.

As of July, 2019, this program has a three-week waiting list.

Here's how the program works:

  • First, you complete the application.

  • We will call you within fourteen (14) business days after receiving your application to complete a phone interview.

  • If you qualify for the program, we will schedule you for the program classes:

    • Program Orientation 101/Mechanics 101 class on Thursdays from 9am-2pm

    • Traffic Law/Bicycle Commuter 101 class on Fridays from 9am-2pm

      • All classes are at Tulsa Hub Workshop, 601 W. 3rd. St., Tulsa, OK 74127

    • You must be interviewed and accepted into the program before attending the class.

    • All classes/10 hours must be completed before you can take your bike, lock, and helmet.

  • We ask for a minimum of $35 contribution for this program. If you are unable to pay the fee based on your income situation, work-trade can be arranged for you. Work trade must be completed before you take your bicycle and equipment with you. You may do work trade by appointment during our open hours before the Friday class after you are notified that you have been accepted into the program.

  • Classes include basic bicycle upkeep and safety education, also bike riding safety training. Each class is on-bikes, meaning you will be riding outdoors, doing skill drills an group riding exercises for approximately 2.5 hours of each class. Classes are cancelled in the event of severe weather (rain or snow) and if the temperature drops below 40 degrees or rises above 100 degrees.

  • Please note: bicycles, locks, helmets, and other safety gear, are based on availability of donations. We cannot guarantee we will have a bicycle that is appropriate sized for your needs on a particular timeline.

  • There is typically a 14-21 day waiting list for this program, but we will make every effort to help you get your transportation needs covered as quickly as possible.

Important information to note:

  • All requirements must be met/all classes taken before you get to depart with your bike, lock, and helmet.

  • All ACE bicycles remain property of Tulsa Hub and cannot be sold or pawned. You will be asked to sign a contract stating your commitment to personally use the bike for transportation and return it to Tulsa Hub if you no longer need it for transportation.

  • All bicycles must be maintained properly. If an ACE Rider finds they are no longer using their bicycle, they understand that it must be returned to the Tulsa Hub.

  • All ACE applicants agree to periodic follow-up once completing the ACE Program.

  • All Bicycle Commuter 101 Classes must have a minimum of 3 participants to make. If your class does not make, you will be rescheduled for the immediately following class, typically the following week.

fill out the online application below. If you are unable to do so, you may print the application and either take it in to our office (601 W. 3rd Street, Tulsa, OK, 74127), or mail it to us. If you are unable to print the application, you can pick one up at our office. 

Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Race / Ethnicity *
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Current Address
Employment or Day Labor
Section 8 or THA Voucher
Also known as "Food Stamps"
Including yourself, how many people do you support or live in your household?
Current mode of transportation: *
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Height & Weight
This information is needed to assist us in determining what type and size of bicycle is best suited for you.
1 = no bicycling experience 5 = comfortable bicycling on road 10 = expert bicyclist
If approved for the ACE Program, how do you believe these classes and a bicycle, helmet, and lock will improve your life? *
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Please indicate how many miles each DAY, not per week.


We will contact you within a week after we receive your application. You may call 918-813-0028 or come by our workshop at 601 West 3rd Street to check on the status of your application.