The ACE program provides bikes for people without other transportation.
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Meet Lance

Lance came to us homeless, often staying at the Salvation Army shelter. In May of this year he completed the ACE program. With the bike and gear he received from the program, he was able to access resources previously not available to him. Now, he’s got steady housing and regular work.

Lance drops by to volunteer regularly. He’s a part of our community and we’re thrilled to have him around.

What Lance has to say:

"I feel like I can always come back and get help and get plugged in. It's been nice to have a reliable bike and a community that lets me come in and learn how to maintain it. Plus I like being able to use my skills to help work on bikes that will help other people."

"Riding is like therapy for me. I don't know what I'd do without this bike."

"I've been riding the last forty years and the Hub taught me things that I didn't know before"

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Meet Kelly

In June, Kelly completed the ACE program. With his bike and gear, he is able to get to his therapy sessions and to the doctor. He’s stronger and healthier than he’d been for a while.

Kelly became good friends with another volunteer, Norm. He says Norm taught him a lot about bikes. Since Kelly lives across town from Tulsa Hub, he doesn’t get to drop in as often as he’d like. However, Kelly uses his the bike maintenance training Norm gave him to help out friends in his neighborhood when they have issues with their bikes. Kelly’s generous spirit is one of our favorite things about him.

What Kelly has to say:

"The staff were very helpful, especially Norm. The Hub has a really great environment and have a really great program that I wish I would have taken advantage of earlier."

"My health has been able to improve dramatically. I ride my bike a few miles every day which has had a huge impact, and the reliable transportation has helped me get to doctors appointments that I had missed before. I had a lot of problems walking but now that I've been able to exercise on the bike and go to therapy I feel like a totally changed person.”

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Meet Eryck

When we met Eryck Pippin he was staying at the Day Center for the Homeless. After completing the ACE program in April, Eryck was able to get a job as a delivery rider for Jimmy John’s and get himself a place to live.

Eryck returns to the Hub on a regular basis to work on his bike, his girlfriend's bike, and other ACE program bikes. A sharp kid with social anxiety and no support system, the Hub has been able to provide a stable community as well as reliable transportation. We really love this young man.

What Eryck has to say:

"I really love the staff and how they treat everyone with respect, no matter who you are when you come in. They always have really great advice and have helped me learn a lot about how to take care of and work on my bike. I also think the setup of the ACE program had a good progression from maintenance and working with mechanics to the practical aspect of riding in the road."

"My bike is really my only form of transportation but I also really love riding just for recreation. I ride several miles every day, partly for work, transportation, and for fun."

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