Community Bike Workshop


As Oklahoma's only community bicycle Workshop, we provide affordable repairs, gear, and bicycles to our neighbors, creating mobility, dignity, and opportunity for Tulsa’s most vulnerable. While we do charge for our services in an effort to recuperate some of the costs of operation, we are able to keep our prices low because of our generous donors, foundations, and businesses who subsidize the costs of building, repair supplies, and programs. We also have a participation of work-trade option which will cover $20 toward the cost of all basic repairs. Our preferred model is to pair a rider with a mechanic, and teach that rider to prevent or conduct their own repairs. For many of our constituents, a bicycle is their only way of getting to work or the doctor, and access to quality, low-cost repairs are vital to maintaining steady income and health. We are proud to have partnered with our riders over the past 11 years as they navigate life, and improve confidence and dignity around being a bike commuter. The same folks who receive services from us help us by volunteering in the workshop and in the office - it's a beautiful, sustainable ecosystem of interdependence. 

Donations of bicycles, parts, and gear, are always welcome in any condition. We accept donations at our workshop during the hours listed below. While we always appreciate appointments or heads-up for larger donations, there's no need to call, just arrive with your donation during our open hours (listed below) and we'll take it in for you and get you a tax receipt. We are able to pick up donations within the Tulsa Metro area on a limited basis—specifically for “bike shop quality” bicycles which are able to be refurbished without major expenses of new parts. Please consider making a cash donation ($10-100) with your gift to help cover the pickup costs or costs of repairing your bicycle so it may be put to use more quickly in one of our programs.

Work trade and payment arrangements are available for friends who are unable to pay the full price for vital goods and services. 

The Workshop is open to the public these Summer Hours (March-October):

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays - 9am - 2pm.

Open Shop Night is Tuesdays 5pm - 7pm.  

Our Workshop Location:

601 West 3rd Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74127


Interested in buying a used bike?

All profits from used bike resales directly fund our programs! If you'd like to buy a used bike, fill out the used bike inquiry form and we'll contact you with a few options within a week. Bike sales are by appointment only, as we are focused on client repairs during our open hours.


For any questions regarding sales, contact Tulsa Hub at or 918-813-0028

Enter your height if you don't know the frame size you need