Tulsa Hub is powered by volunteers.

There are a wide variety of opportunities to volunteer.
If you have an interest, please contact our office.

League Cycling Instructor
Tulsa Hub welcomes all LCIs to volunteer to teach riding with ACE classes, Fridays 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM during the season or on weekends. Tulsa Hub offers LCI certifications annually, typically in the spring or summer depending on interest.

Volunteer Coordinator
The VC is responsible for training existing volunteers, recruiting new volunteers, maintaining the volunteer database, and managing the communication between volunteer groups.

Administrative Volunteer
The AV works on projects with the Executive Director on weekdays, nights, and weekends. Duties include administrative, cleaning, grant writing, social media management, and reporting.

Volunteers are episodically needed to pick up donations from individuals or agencies and deliver them to the Tulsa Hub offices.  There are also occasions where bikes need to be delivered to schools or other locations. Volunteers with a truck or van would be perfect for this position. The driver must have a valid license and insurance on their vehicle.

Special Events
Volunteers are needed throughout the year to assist with special events. Please see the special events calendar for dates throughout the year.

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