We would love to explore the possibilities of starting a program or project with your organization.  Due to the high volume requests we receive however, we ask that if this is an area of interest for you, please fill out the below questionnaire.  For further information, please contact our office at (918) 813-0028 or via e-mail at info@tulsahub.org.

Main Contact Name (First/Last) *
Main Contact Name (First/Last)
Would you like to bring a group to the Tulsa Hub Workshop? *
If No, would you like Tulsa Hub personnel to come conduct a program at your site? *
(Please give exact numbers)
(Please choose based off majority of ages represented)
Are you able to provide adequate supervision, if working with juveniles? We request 1 adult per 4 juveniles. *
(Or if adults have special needs)
If the program is to be held at the Tulsa Hub workshop, is transportation covered to and from the Tulsa Hub by your organization? *
Do you have a budget available for this desired project/program? *
Note: We prefer a minimum of $50 honorarium for programs/projects to cover any overhead costs that are incurred.
Do you have an evaluation instrument that you will want to use to evaluate your program? *