Bike Club 2.0

Beginning in the spring of 2015, Tulsa Hub is upgrading the Bike Club concept. We want to increase commitment to healthy living through biking in the next generation. Kids who bike to and from school regularly might just become adults who bike to and from work regularly. Each kid we reach now is another part of the movement to a healthier lifestyle for all of our neighbors.

Tulsa Hub reached out to Sequoyah Elementary in North Tulsa to start training kids to bike to and from school. The students bike in a group, making the ride safer and increasing the opportunity to grow socially.


Benefits of Bike Clubs

The Bike Club idea traditionally educates using a science-based exploration of the body, mind, and self and the exercise system of cycling. Active bike clubs support and enhance student mobility, autonomy, physical health, learning, and personal responsibility.

Biking helps children be physically fit, learning-ready, self-aware, and mobilized to develop confidence. In the following program, the practice of skills covered in Bike Club integrate movement and breath to strengthen and balance the body, focus the mind, and empower students to plan safe modes of travel using active transportation.

Exploring the environment of travel in a biking club helps any child (or adult) learn about the body’s systems. Through direct experience the bicyclist becomes more aware of the mind-body interface and the impact and consequences of one’s own behavioral choices.

Tulsa Hub teaches kids how to pilot their bikes gracefully. The kids learn to breathe smoothly and deeply. Their ability to focus and concentrate improves. Of course, their strength, flexibility, and balance improve when growing as a rider as well.

In the end, physical health, mental clarity, and emotional stability are prime results of participation in an active bike club.

Students living within a two-mile radius of their school have the opportunity to earn their bikes. When they do, not only are they able to commute via bicycle to and from school, they’re also given a sense of accomplishment and pride at a job well done.

Tulsa Hub presents this program as an effective and measurable methodology to achieve lifetime physical and mental health, and to transform the student-travel culture of community schools.

Thank you to our partner team members from City Year and Sequoyah Teachers for making this program possible!

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