For many kids, the first taste of independence is their first bike ride. 

It’s fun to ride, sure, but kid biking goes far deeper than that. Kids who bike learn fundamental life skills like self-management, executive function, and critical thinking. They learn to enjoy moving around, getting the exercise that their young bodies need. This often translates to better nutrition, since an active body tends to crave healthier foods.

Maybe most importantly, kids who bike discover social skills that they cannot develop in the virtual worlds of Facebook, tumblr, or their xbox. Biking provides a venue for socialization that the kids of the 21st century need badly.

We believe riding a bike is an important part of the rite of passage from “dependence” to “independence” - or, more accurately, “interdependence.”

We partner directly with Met High School and Sequoyah Elementary during the school year. In the summer, we work with the YMCA in various Tulsa neighborhoods to encourage cycling.

We also train other organizations to provide a solid cycling curriculum.

Our Youth Education Curriculum includes:

•    Overview about bicycle fabrication and mechanics, careers in the cycling industry
•    Work with hand tools and exposure to pneumatics
•    Basic bike Maintenance sessions (Fix-a-Flat, adjustments, cleaning)
•    Literacy review of bike parts names in English and Spanish
•    How to conduct a pre-ride safety check
•    Physical Education games related to cycling education elements
•    Traffic law and traffic safety education games and activities
•    Hand signals review
•    Helmet fit, safety gear overview
•    Bike selection and fit
•    Skill drills:
        •   Power Position
        •   Straight line, starting and stopping
        •   Signals
        •   Scanning
        •   Quick Stop
        •   Rock Dodge, Serpentine
        •   Instant turn
•    Snail Race
•    Exploration of body mechanics and kinesthesiology
•    Exploration of proper nutrition and hydration
•    Stretching games
•    Group ride

Since 2008 Tulsa Hub has educated Tulsa’s kids in traffic safety, basic bike maintenance, bicycle handling skills, and the importance of self-management. Our Youth Cycling Education curriculum is based in the work of the League of American Bicyclists and Bike Texas's SafeCyclist. With eight years’ experience working with grades K-8, we’re in the right spot to mentor them in healthy, constructive habits.