Many people and businesses have invested in our youth programs, which have impacted many of our area youth's lives for the better. 

Thank you to our many donors and sponsors, to whom our programming would not exist if not for their generous donations.  Donors listed below is only a small portion of those who have championed with us to make a difference.    

LaFarge Corporation
Wayne Pyle, Fitness Together
Amanda Jones
Paul Thomas 
Josh Miller and the George Kaiser Family Foundation
The Hille Foundation
Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership
James Wagner at INCOG
Gary Parker
Chris King GPS
Humble Sons’ Bike Company
Westside YMCA
Bike Texas SuperCyclist 
R.E.C.E.S.S. For Health
Tulsa Tough
University of Tulsa: Sociology, Athletics, and Engineering Programs
University of Oklahoma: Urban Design Graduate Program
The Bumgarner Family
Ed McDonald
Mike Pagett
Team Tom’s