Meet Chloe

Chloe attended the Hub Club at the YMCA Summer Institute in 2014.

Chloe was one of the oldest kids, but she never learned to ride a bike. She didn’t want to embarrass herself and at first refused to try.

As the club met, Chloe met other kids and adult mentors. Together, these new people in her life gave Chloe the courage to try riding her bike. Soon, she was able to ride without help. She was very excited.

At the end of the summer the club kids were given the bikes they’d learned to ride. Chloe’s mother saw her daughter’s new bike and cried tears of joy as the bikes were awarded to the students. She never would have had the time or patience to teach Chloe to ride, she said. Nor would their family have had the resources to get Chloe her own bike.

Meet Osbert

Osbert joined our Bike Club at Marshall Elementary in the Spring of 2010.

Osbert spent a lot of time in detention at school. He frequently acted out violently at school. He came to the bike club angry and hurt.

At the beginning of the program, Osbert refused to talk to anyone. He kept to himself. He didn’t respond well when Tulsa Hub club workers tried to engage him in conversation.

Over time, after practicing the skill drills and taking group rides, Osbert relaxed and enjoyed himself. We saw him smile for the first time after several weeks of scowls.

At the end of the summer, Osbert and the other club members were allowed to keep the bikes, having earned them during the club meetings. Osbert’s mother complimented us on how much happier he was after having earned a bike. She told us that she would never have been able to afford to buy him a bicycle of his own.

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Meet KeKe

Before joining the Tulsa Hub Bike Club, KeKe had earned a reputation as a bully at McClure Elementary. McClure’s Principal at the time, Susan Baston, referred to KeKe as a “frequent flyer” because she was in the Principal’s office so often.

For the first few weeks of Bike Club, KeKe still carried a lot of negative energy. She refused to participate in the activities. The Hub Club refused to give up on her, though and after a while, KeKe opened up a little.

She told the club workers that she didn’t feel confident riding a bike without training wheels. She felt ashamed and embarrassed at her lack of competence. Our Club members assured her she could learn, that it was ok to need to work on her biking skills.

KeKe finally started working on those skills. Her competence and confidence improved quickly. As she become a good rider, she talked about how much she wanted to learn to swim, but was afraid to try that, also.

After learning to ride, KeKe grew the courage to try swimming and many other activities. At school, Principal Baston remarked that KeKe’s behavior improved over the rest of the year after the Club concluded and she was kinder to her fellow students.

This bike club was conducted by the Tulsa Hub using Safe Routes to School funding. Thirty students went through a 6-week after school bike club where they learned essentials of safe bicycle operation. The Tom's Bicycle Race Team raised funds for the students to keep new bicycles after the progam was complete.

Learn more about the Safe Routes to School program, which Tulsa Hub participates in!